I often discuss the strange and continuing disconnect between the New York and West Coast photo/art scenes.  For some reason NY/Chicago/Portland, seem to have dialog and relationships, largely because of blogs and perhaps personal relationships among artists.  But California remains an island. I am certain that lots of great stuff is happening there–after Ed Ruscha and other than TMZ, which in a way is sort of like a bizarre performance art piece.  Sharon Lockhart for instance is one of the most innovative and interesting photographers out there, but she rarely is referenced in the NY art scene.  But two self-described NY transplants, Nicole Lloyd and Cara Nieto, have started a blog to document and promote the LA art scene.  Both are artists and curators themselves. Nicole and I met after she included my work in the LA Slideluck Potshow, a couple years ago.  She is also a talented photog in her own right and an SVA alum.  Their blog Superluminal is a well needed bridge to the other side…aka California!

If you happen to be in Chelsea today I will be presenting a selection of my Ultraviolet work as part of the first Project 5 artist salon at Daniel Cooney Fine Art. The talk begins at 3pm and includes artists: Timothy Briner, Jessica Dimmock, Yola Manakhov.511 West 25th Street, Suite 506. I will be speaking last.