Singular Beauty: Available Now

I am pre-selling my first monograph through Kickstarter:  Singular Beauty (Summer 2012) The book is being designed and published by Hans Gremmen, co-founder of Fw:, a platform for Dutch Contemporary Photography.

If you pre-buy the book through Kickstarter (for a pledge of  $45 +)  you will receive your book delivered before it is available to the general public. And every single person who supports Singular Beauty will have their name listed in the final publication. Read more about other rewards and the book on my project page.

Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING funding model and I only have until Jan. 20th, 2012 too make a big goal. I know things are tough out there for a lot of us, so whether you can spare $1, $5, $25, $45 or $500, every pledge helps!  There are rewards for every amount.


If you feel comfortable, please share this link with anyone you think might be interested.



Hello everyone I have been on an extended blog hiatus. I am going to keep GG up as an archive, and perhaps when I have the time and inclination will return. Thank you all for your support and for reading!

A Very Special Opening

I have mentioned many times before how circular my photo-land journey has been. For instance, my work is currently in a show at Hous Projects, with Amy Elkins, my co-creator of Women in Photography, with Jen Davis, who I have obsessively admired since I saw her work in Aperture during school, with Brian Ulrich who was one of the first artists I reached out to when I got out of school and who has been an amazing help to me, and with Eric Ogden who was one of our most important clients at the photo lab I worked at while I was studying. It means so much to me to be in a show with artists I admire (I mean I am on the wall with Hank Willis Thomas!) especially when so many of them were a part of my life before I even had a glimmer of a career of my own. It was also fitting that the show was curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel, who was the first person to ever buy my work and who has been my best cheerleader ever since.

So I am so pleased to now have the chance to share the news of Ruben’s debut New York exhibition at Kris Graves Projects:

NY, NY: Concrete Jungle

March 4th through April 10th, 2010

An opening reception of these works will be held on Thursday, March 4th, from 6:00-9:00pm

And to continue the tradition, I have known Greg Miller for many years and had the pleasure of working at Redux Pictures many years ago when they hosted an exhibition of his Italy work. I thrilled for them both and look forward to seeing the show. Hope you all can find time during art fair madness to make it to the exhibit, I am sure it will be worth it.

Untitled, from the series Nashville, 2008
Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Scope NY!

Become an Ultraviolet Beauty | March 3rd | 3-9pm

I am very excited to announce that AUREUS Contemporary will be showing my Ultraviolet Beauties work at Scope NY. They will be hosting an artist project in conjunction with Scope at the VIP preview of the fair on March 3rd. Please contact the gallery to set up your UV portrait commission:

In conjunction with the exhibition of Ultraviolet Beauties at our booth, Cara Philips will set up her UV studio and offer collectors the unique chance to get a commissioned Ultraviolet portrait of themselves or a loved one on SCOPE Opening Day. Portrait shots can be arranged directly on location at the photo studio in the SCOPE Lounge or at the Aureus Contemporary Booth (D14). This is an opportunity that will not be repeated again after the SCOPE fair. So please contact us to make arrangements for your portrait commission!

Bits & Pieces


Also if you have not made it to Tim Briner’s show at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, you should take a look.  The show is up until Feb. 27, 2010

The Slideluck Potshow folks have a new call for entries for the first ever show focused on women:

Women’s Work, is a collaboration between Slideluck Potshow and Ladies Lotto that will be taking place in Los Angeles on March 27th, during Women’s Awareness Month. For more info or to submit go here.

And check out our latest, WIPNYC show, Jen Davis is one of my favorite artists!

Hope You Can Come

I am thrilled to be included in the upcoming group show, Versus at Hous Projects.  Even more exciting for me, it is curated by Ruben Natal San-Miguel, who is pretty much everywhere these days, not only as a curator but as an artist. He has been an unbelieveable supporter of my work and he has so much for enthusiasm for photography you cannot help but carried along with him.  Also I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Elizabeth Houston of Hous Projects in Miami, and I am super impressed by the group of artists she and Ruben have managed to pull together for this exhibit. Click below to what is in store. The opening is Jan 7th from 6 – 10 pm at Hous Projects, 31 Howard St, 2nd Fl.  Hope to see you there and Happy New Year!

Brian Ulrich vs. Alex Leme
Mickalene Thomas vs. Nadine Rovner
Hank Willis Thomas vs. Cara Phillips
Amy Elkins vs. Molly Landreth
Matthew Pillsbury vs. Kris Graves
Phil Toledano vs. Elizabeth Fleming
Zoe Strauss vs. Ruben Natal-San Miguel
Jen Davis vs. Eric Ogden
Michael Wolf vs. Gina Levay


Job Description:

Work remotely

You must have access to your own Mac work station

Good organizational skills


Photoshop skills for fine-art; including dusting, masks, alpha channels, color correction for RGB and Grayscale, and digital output

Large format experience

Scanning skills, imacon or epson flatbed

Interest in learning and photography a must!

Production, printing, scanning, assisting, (large format & lighting)

Good writing and people skills, and understanding of professional standards

I am looking for a long-term intern for 3 upcoming projects.  The first requires a great deal of organization skill and can be done on your own time, the second is production help for several upcoming shows, and the third requires research and contacting companies on my behalf for an upcoming project. I worked for many years as an intern so I am very understanding about the value of your time, however, I need someone who can commit 1 – 6 hours per week off site to work for the next two months. After that the schedule will be more varied. There is a chance if you are so inclined to also be involved in some of my other curatorial and  photo projects. Please mention in the email if you interested in writing or WIPNYC.  The internship is currently un-paid, however, I am happy to share my time and energy to help you on your artistic path in any way I able to do so.

Please send you resume, references and a short cover letter to

Thank you!

Two Women Not To Be Missed

I was thrilled to see one of my most influential photo mentors, Penelope Umbrico featured in the current issue of FOAM.  Not only is she an orginal and amazing artist, she has also taught some of the most talented artist’s I know at various institutions around New York.  Truthfully, I do not think my work would be half of what it is without her influence, and she really supported me at a time when I needed it most.  So I encourage you to pick up this issue. Her career has really kicked into overdrive (long overdue if you ask me) since her “Flickr Suns” installation piece was featured at the first NY Photo Festival. It was my favorite thing in that show, more of her work can be seen at her website.

And my partner in WIPNYC crime, Amy Elkins this Sat at the Carnegie Art Museum. If you are in Southern, CA, you should check it out.


Carnegie Art Museum is located at 424 South C Street in Oxnard, California. The opening public reception is from 4 to 7 pm on Saturday, December 12. The show runs through December to February 21.
For more information, please go to:

©Amy Elkins from the series Black is the Day, Black is the Night

Blogs Reach Another Level

While I am sadly out of the blog game these days, that does not mean I am totally unaware or unimpressed with the incredible and ambitious things I am seeing elsewhere. As I have first hand knowledge of the work that goes into self-generated content/projects, I just wanted to take a moment to call attention to some of the great things currently on the web. Here is a sampling.

Too Much Chocolate:

Not only did they get sponsored by a major corporation, Kodak, to give a serious project grant, it has morphed into online meeting place and has a great design.  And impressive–advertising. Plus it has chocolate in its name.

The Exposure Project:

Books, exhibits, online projects, blog posts, I am not sure how Ben Alper has time to sleep, but EP has been going strong for some time and continues to generate interesting web-based projects and does community building.

Lay Flat:

Ah Shane Lavalette.  Were we all so accomplished at such a young age, and sweet, and talented…. wow I need my tote bag now that I think about it….

Picture Black Friday:

An ambitious new project spearheaded by John Saponara.  If you have not read about it, you should take a look. It is a uniquely human and politically charged project.  As the name implies, the deadline is fast approaching.

Feature Shoot

I recently discovered this online mag that features a very eclectic mix of work.  Some much better than others, but worth a look.

Good Job Boys!

Last time Humble did this exhibit there was quite a bit of hubbub about it, and while I stayed out of the fray, I was very happy to have this email in my inbox this morning. Jon and Amani always have the best intentions of artists, I have experienced this first hand on so many occasions, and this is just one more great way to support all artists!

Great news!

Dear Friends,After considering Humble Arts Foundation’s mission to advance the careers of emerging art photographers, we have decided to eliminate the age barrier for our 31 exhibition. We have always affirmed that “emerging” is not analogous with age. Therefore, effective immediately, women photographers, regardless of age are eligible and encouraged to apply for the newly titled 31 Women in Art Photography exhibition curated by Jon Feinstein and Charlotte Cotton.

Go here for deadlines, submission guidelines and additional details.



amani olu and Jon Feinstein
Founders, Humble Arts Foundation



For those of you living in a complete NY-photo media blackout, you might not have heard about Ruben Natal-San Miguel’s show UNSEEN: A Photographer’s Salon, which opened last night at RSG, Randall Scott Gallery in Dumbo. Ruben, aka Artmostfirece, is one of the most dedicated photo supporters. There is not an opening or a fabulous party that he misses. I don’t think collectors and artists always become friends, but Ruben has gone out of his way to do so with the artists he supports.
Ruben has always come out for my openings, and it is such a good feeling to walk into an art event and see his smiling face and fab outfit. So of course I was even more upset when I had to stay at work last night and miss the opening, which included a piece of my work! But I am excited to see that his show was a big success. So I look forward to heading out to Dumbo and seeing the show post-opening. There is also an upcoming artist talk, TBD. A great time to see the show is during the upcoming Artlog collectors event: Collect Dumbo, Friday, October 30, 2009 from 6:30-9pm. For more info go to: & Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). You can see all the great shows including my friend’s Bill Sullivan & Charles Freger’s show at Caption Gallery, also in 55 Washington on the 8th Fl.


Ruben and I at my solo show in Boston.

Last week to catch my show!





Also, I am thrilled that Matthew Gambler of Big Red & Shiny reviewed the show today.  I have admired the Boston-based site for a long time and it is so flattering to have my work included there. People often complain that there is no good art criticism these days, but perhaps they are not reading BRS.  I don’t think I can begin to describe the effort, time and expense put into to making this show happen.  It has been an undertaking, and it would never have been possible without the help of James Hull, Gerald La Starza (having a super talented art director and furniture designer as a boyfriend who can make your frames is a big plus,) the amazing retoucher and printer Shane Connors,  Beth Schiffer, and my very supportive and understanding boss at Newsweek as well my crit group and a list of other supporters.  So thank you all, for hanging in there with me.

Drum Roll Please…

One thing that the web does exceedingly well is bring together people who might otherwise never have met.  However, developing real relationships with those you connect with online can be tricky. Sometimes it does translate into real life friendships. For instance, I met many other artists I consider friends through Ground Glass and Women in Photography, (shout out to Ms. Elkins here,) but often it ends after a few email exchanges that leave you feeling rather dissatisfied.  I think many of us have been craving some sort of deeper connection in the blog world for some time. There have been several efforts to do this, some more successful than others.

In my case this past year has been about shifting my focus from blogging to my own art work and to WIPNYC.  In that vein, it has been very important to me to get feedback from peers I can respect.  I was lucky enough this past spring to meet an extraordinary group of artists called POC, who generously allowed me to be a part of their group for one week in Salzburg.  And it was a revelation.  It was like all of the impulses that had led me to blog were suddenly fulfilled.  I had found a community, but a flesh and blood one, who were 100 percent committed to the pursuit of photography.  I actually stumbled upon the Piece of Cake website several years ago, right when I started studying photography. I remember thinking “wow what would it be like to be a part of something like that?” However at the time they only accepted European artists.  But somehow, in May I was sitting in on their workshop and at the end of the week I had agreed to spearhead the creation of a North American version.

It is crazy how things happen. But it has already been one of the best things that has happened in my photo journey so thus far.  We launched the American version this week, for now we have a small group but we are hoping to add more artists, from Canada and Mexico and other parts of the US as time goes on.

POC is basically a network of artists who meet, exhibit and work together to discuss and promote the medium of photography.  The US & European members hope to open a dialog across the Atlantic.  We are still in the process of discovery and are exited to see what will develop with the project.

There will be more info to come. But the first POC exhibit opens this Thursday at Caption Gallery in Dumbo.  Bill Sullivan and Charles Freger, representing both networks will share the space.  I hope you can join us to launch the new endeavor.

Have a look at the website to view the work of both Piece’s of Cake.

Caption Gallery

55 Washington 8th fl

Thursday Oct 1

6:30 – 8:30


Women Who Rock – LA Style

I often discuss the strange and continuing disconnect between the New York and West Coast photo/art scenes.  For some reason NY/Chicago/Portland, seem to have dialog and relationships, largely because of blogs and perhaps personal relationships among artists.  But California remains an island. I am certain that lots of great stuff is happening there–after Ed Ruscha and other than TMZ, which in a way is sort of like a bizarre performance art piece.  Sharon Lockhart for instance is one of the most innovative and interesting photographers out there, but she rarely is referenced in the NY art scene.  But two self-described NY transplants, Nicole Lloyd and Cara Nieto, have started a blog to document and promote the LA art scene.  Both are artists and curators themselves. Nicole and I met after she included my work in the LA Slideluck Potshow, a couple years ago.  She is also a talented photog in her own right and an SVA alum.  Their blog Superluminal is a well needed bridge to the other side…aka California!

If you happen to be in Chelsea today I will be presenting a selection of my Ultraviolet work as part of the first Project 5 artist salon at Daniel Cooney Fine Art. The talk begins at 3pm and includes artists: Timothy Briner, Jessica Dimmock, Yola Manakhov.511 West 25th Street, Suite 506. I will be speaking last.

Blogs doing it right

Ok, so I am such a bad blogger, that I only got around to updating my expired custom CSS today, so some of you may have noticed GG looked pretty nasty for the last few weeks.  And now that my first solo show is finally pretty my done, I thought I would try to get back to the blog.  However, now it looks like I am moving, and I did my “to do” list on the train to Boston, and by page seven, I started to not be able to read my own handwriting.  Realistically I am not sure I can maintain my GG, right now. I have hit a moment in my personal life and work, where the stakes are the highest they have ever been and every moment matters.  Ground Glass has been the thing that slipped through the cracks… and I have lost track with the blogging world.  However, I got a google alert with my name on it recently from NYMPhoto’s blog.  And I spent some time looking over what they have been up to lately, and I was very impressed.  They are consistently providing good content with interviews and information about events and openings.

So if you are not reading it now, you should take a look.

And I will try to periodically add content here, until I get around to figuring out the next phase of GG.

Also, the Blurb 2009 Photography Book Now winner’s have been announced, take a look at this year’s winners.