Blogs Reach Another Level

While I am sadly out of the blog game these days, that does not mean I am totally unaware or unimpressed with the incredible and ambitious things I am seeing elsewhere. As I have first hand knowledge of the work that goes into self-generated content/projects, I just wanted to take a moment to call attention to some of the great things currently on the web. Here is a sampling.

Too Much Chocolate:

Not only did they get sponsored by a major corporation, Kodak, to give a serious project grant, it has morphed into online meeting place and has a great design.  And impressive–advertising. Plus it has chocolate in its name.

The Exposure Project:

Books, exhibits, online projects, blog posts, I am not sure how Ben Alper has time to sleep, but EP has been going strong for some time and continues to generate interesting web-based projects and does community building.

Lay Flat:

Ah Shane Lavalette.  Were we all so accomplished at such a young age, and sweet, and talented…. wow I need my tote bag now that I think about it….

Picture Black Friday:

An ambitious new project spearheaded by John Saponara.  If you have not read about it, you should take a look. It is a uniquely human and politically charged project.  As the name implies, the deadline is fast approaching.

Feature Shoot

I recently discovered this online mag that features a very eclectic mix of work.  Some much better than others, but worth a look.

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