Rare talk by Deborah Turbeville hosted by the Camera Club

Thursday, November 19th. 7pm
The School of Visual Arts Amphitheatre
209 E. 23rd Street (2nd and 3rd avenues), 3rd Floor
(please bring photo ID)

Book signing and sale to follow the lecture.

Free to CCNY members, SVA students, faculty, and staff
General admission $10, $5 for other students with ID

Blogs Reach Another Level

While I am sadly out of the blog game these days, that does not mean I am totally unaware or unimpressed with the incredible and ambitious things I am seeing elsewhere. As I have first hand knowledge of the work that goes into self-generated content/projects, I just wanted to take a moment to call attention to some of the great things currently on the web. Here is a sampling.

Too Much Chocolate:

Not only did they get sponsored by a major corporation, Kodak, to give a serious project grant, it has morphed into online meeting place and has a great design.  And impressive–advertising. Plus it has chocolate in its name.

The Exposure Project:

Books, exhibits, online projects, blog posts, I am not sure how Ben Alper has time to sleep, but EP has been going strong for some time and continues to generate interesting web-based projects and does community building.

Lay Flat:

Ah Shane Lavalette.  Were we all so accomplished at such a young age, and sweet, and talented…. wow I need my tote bag now that I think about it….

Picture Black Friday:

An ambitious new project spearheaded by John Saponara.  If you have not read about it, you should take a look. It is a uniquely human and politically charged project.  As the name implies, the deadline is fast approaching.

Feature Shoot

I recently discovered this online mag that features a very eclectic mix of work.  Some much better than others, but worth a look.