Good Job Boys!

Last time Humble did this exhibit there was quite a bit of hubbub about it, and while I stayed out of the fray, I was very happy to have this email in my inbox this morning. Jon and Amani always have the best intentions of artists, I have experienced this first hand on so many occasions, and this is just one more great way to support all artists!

Great news!

Dear Friends,After considering Humble Arts Foundation’s mission to advance the careers of emerging art photographers, we have decided to eliminate the age barrier for our 31 exhibition. We have always affirmed that “emerging” is not analogous with age. Therefore, effective immediately, women photographers, regardless of age are eligible and encouraged to apply for the newly titled 31 Women in Art Photography exhibition curated by Jon Feinstein and Charlotte Cotton.

Go here for deadlines, submission guidelines and additional details.



amani olu and Jon Feinstein
Founders, Humble Arts Foundation



For those of you living in a complete NY-photo media blackout, you might not have heard about Ruben Natal-San Miguel’s show UNSEEN: A Photographer’s Salon, which opened last night at RSG, Randall Scott Gallery in Dumbo. Ruben, aka Artmostfirece, is one of the most dedicated photo supporters. There is not an opening or a fabulous party that he misses. I don’t think collectors and artists always become friends, but Ruben has gone out of his way to do so with the artists he supports.
Ruben has always come out for my openings, and it is such a good feeling to walk into an art event and see his smiling face and fab outfit. So of course I was even more upset when I had to stay at work last night and miss the opening, which included a piece of my work! But I am excited to see that his show was a big success. So I look forward to heading out to Dumbo and seeing the show post-opening. There is also an upcoming artist talk, TBD. A great time to see the show is during the upcoming Artlog collectors event: Collect Dumbo, Friday, October 30, 2009 from 6:30-9pm. For more info go to: & Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). You can see all the great shows including my friend’s Bill Sullivan & Charles Freger’s show at Caption Gallery, also in 55 Washington on the 8th Fl.


Ruben and I at my solo show in Boston.

Last week to catch my show!





Also, I am thrilled that Matthew Gambler of Big Red & Shiny reviewed the show today.  I have admired the Boston-based site for a long time and it is so flattering to have my work included there. People often complain that there is no good art criticism these days, but perhaps they are not reading BRS.  I don’t think I can begin to describe the effort, time and expense put into to making this show happen.  It has been an undertaking, and it would never have been possible without the help of James Hull, Gerald La Starza (having a super talented art director and furniture designer as a boyfriend who can make your frames is a big plus,) the amazing retoucher and printer Shane Connors,  Beth Schiffer, and my very supportive and understanding boss at Newsweek as well my crit group and a list of other supporters.  So thank you all, for hanging in there with me.