I have been a little removed from the blogosphere of late–between my part-time day job, the WIPNYC grant launch, and my own work, exhibitions, and events–there has not been much time to either blog or read blogs.  I was surprised to see how far my post in response to Brain Ulrich’s “call to action” spread.  There are good and bad things about blogging and the ways in which information gets regurgitated in the twitter world,  but it was refreshing to see the variation of reactions.  In the end, we all have to decide what our practice will be.  There is really no one that can tell us how/what/who to photograph.

But personally, after seeing so much staged photography and overly digitized work at the fairs last week, I am longing for some images that are  raw or reality-based.  But perhaps that is because in my own practice I am fascinated by the tension between reality and the subjective choice of the photographer, and most of my work explores that schism.

So when I was fortunate enough to get a peek at Steidl’s new 2 volume retrospective of Bernice Abbott’s work, I was inspired.  Her images manage to dance between the real & her personal take, in surprising and important ways.

You can purchase the book here and see an online gallery here. Enjoy.

chelsea_hotelBerenice Abbott
Chelsea Hotel, 222 West 23rd Street, 1936