Just in Case

There are several calls for entry going on, if by chance you live under a rock and missed them here you go…

The Nymphoto Collective is pleased to announce its fourth group show and first call for entries to be exhibited at Sasha Wolf Gallery.

Nymphoto is looking for the best in female contemporary and emerging photography. Work will be curated by the core members of the collective, in conjunction with highly respected curator and gallery owner, Sasha Wolf. Works selected will be included in “Nymphoto Presents at Sasha Wolf Gallery” and be on view from May 23 to June 6, 2009. An artists reception will be held on Thursday, May 28, 2009, from 6 – 8PM. Sasha Wolf Gallery is located in lower Manhattan, conveniently located and easily accessible from both Chelsea and Dumbo, two of New York’s artistic centers. Info

The New York Photo Awards 2009 will once again honor talented photographers from all over the world whose exceptional work breaks new grounds visually, intellectually and aesthetically. The Awards will give these visual artists the opportunity to reach key decision makers in the photographic community and the editorial, fine art and commercial worlds. Submissions will be accepted starting March 2nd through May 1st, 2009. The Award winners will be announced in May during the second edition of the Festival. Apply here

And don’t forget the WIPNYC-Lightside Grant call for entries begins April 1st, 2009.  The link to apply online and sumissions guidelines will be posted then at wipnyc.org.

Also, the Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Grant deadline has been extended to April 1.  Go here for more info.

Lay Flat

I meet Shane Lavalette at last year’s NY Photofest.  I was not only impressed with his knowledge of photography–I could not help but adore him–he is both genuine and intelligent.  So I was honored when he asked me to be a contributor to Lay Flat.  Of course I was even more flattered when I saw my list of fellow essayists.

One Credo After Another
by Tim Davis

Close Readings
by Darius Himes

The Secessionists Revisited: Artist Collectives in the Age of the Blog
by Cara Phillips

A Telephone Conversation with Mike Mandel
by Shane Lavalette

The Crisis of Experience
by Eric William Carroll

Castaways vs. Utopians
by Jason Fulford

Yesterday my copy came in the mail, and I was both impressed and inspired by what Shane has done. It is not only a great visual presentation, the essay’s are thoughtful and add to the current discussion about the nature and meaning of contemporary photography. Also, each essay offers a unique and different viewpoint.  I am even more excited to be a part of the project now that I have seen the final presentation.

I can’t wait to get some frames and create a LF installation piece for my apartment.  I know we are struggling these days, but Lay Flat is well worth it.

Purchase here and here.

Included Photographers:

Andreas Weinand, Anne Lass, Coley Brown, Debora Mittelstaedt, Ed Panar, Estelle Hanania, Gustav Almestål, Hiroyo Kaneko, Kamden Vencill, Mark McKnight, Michel Campeau, Nicolai Howalt & Trine Søndergaard, Nicola Kast, Nicholas Haggard, Shawn Records, Raimond Wouda, Richard Barnes, Thobias Fäldt, Whitney Hubbs and Yann Orhan.

Bernice Abbott

I have been a little removed from the blogosphere of late–between my part-time day job, the WIPNYC grant launch, and my own work, exhibitions, and events–there has not been much time to either blog or read blogs.  I was surprised to see how far my post in response to Brain Ulrich’s “call to action” spread.  There are good and bad things about blogging and the ways in which information gets regurgitated in the twitter world,  but it was refreshing to see the variation of reactions.  In the end, we all have to decide what our practice will be.  There is really no one that can tell us how/what/who to photograph.

But personally, after seeing so much staged photography and overly digitized work at the fairs last week, I am longing for some images that are  raw or reality-based.  But perhaps that is because in my own practice I am fascinated by the tension between reality and the subjective choice of the photographer, and most of my work explores that schism.

So when I was fortunate enough to get a peek at Steidl’s new 2 volume retrospective of Bernice Abbott’s work, I was inspired.  Her images manage to dance between the real & her personal take, in surprising and important ways.

You can purchase the book here and see an online gallery here. Enjoy.

chelsea_hotelBerenice Abbott
Chelsea Hotel, 222 West 23rd Street, 1936

WIPNYC – Annouces “Project Grant”

Amy & I are super excited to announce the first ever wipnyc grant.  Yes, like the site, you must be a “women in photography” to apply.  There will be a small $20 processing fee.  Overall we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the art community this way.  Will look forward to seeing all of the exciting projects, and as of April 1st, there will be more specific info on submitting.

Good luck!

WIPNYC – Lightside Individual Project Grant
Women in Photography, co-founded by Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips in June 2008 to showcase the works of female fine art photographers, is pleased to announce their first project grant, funded by Lightside Photographic Services/ and co-sponsored by LTI. The $3,000 grant award will provide funding to one photographer to support project costs.

GRANT: $3000.00. One grant will be awarded

APPLICATION PROCESS OPENS: Wednesday April 1, 2009 12am
Link to online application will be made available on wipnyc.org.


Grant announcement will be made at evening event at the National Arts Club, Grand Gallery.  There will be a reception for the grant winner and a slideshow presentation of their work.  The Grant winner’s work will be featured in a wipnyc.org online solo showcase opening on 6/16/09.

Applications will be only be accepted from photographers who are at least 18 years old, and who are NOT currently enrolled in any full-time or part-time degree program.


Projects submitted for consideration can be new or ongoing. Applicants should submit no more than one proposal in support for one project.


WIP’s curatorial staff, Amy Elkins & Cara Phillips will review projects for visual & conceptual strength, rigor of purpose, and clarity of stated
project goals.

WIPNY will only accept online submissions.
Applicants must submit exactly five images. Each image must be:

JPEG format
650 pixels wide

Contact Info
BIO (Under 200 words)

**Please direct all grant submission questions to the email address which will be made available as APRIL 1, 2009**


Describe the project in 300 words or less* ( IN PLACE OF ARTISTS STATEMENT)
Please include: Project start date, or in progress staus. Estimated finish date?*
Please provide a detailed list of expenses. Itemize each expense and provide a dollar amount.*

Please list any estimated income or other funding sources.*

Women In Photography
co-curated by Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips
WIPNYC is a Humble Arts Foundation project.