If you are like me, you are still mentally cowering in the fetal position, devastated over the loss of Polaroid. Type 54 & type 55 were both integral to my work. And yes, Fuji still makes instant film, however it has a very different look, feel and usage.

So I am excited to see that there are others out there mourning the loss of Polaroid – people who have the ability to do something about it.

First off is the Impossible Project. It even made the NY Times,  former Polaroid technicians are promising to bring back some new form of the original.

Impossible b.v. has been founded with the concrete aim to re-invent and re-start production of analog INTEGRAL FILM for vintage Polaroid cameras. Therefore Impossible b.v. has acquired the complete film production equipment in Enschede (NL) from Polaroid, has signed a 10-year lease agreement on the factory building; and has engaged the most experienced team of Integral Film experts worldwide.

My only fear is that 4×5 will prove too expensive to make,  so if you are a 4×5 shooter who wants it back, I highly suggest you contact them now and make your voice heard.

The next project, is probably a lot more in line with current culture. Some enterprising web dude, is about to release an APP (when did this become a proper noun?) called ShakeItPhoto, that replicates the look of old Polaroid on your iPhone.  While my boyfriend pretty much think his iPhone is a piece of junk, I might actually consider getting one with this in the mix.

The pics are surprisingly fun, and they just might make Ryan McGinley obsolete.  Plus for 99 cents how can you go wrong?







All images from ShakeItPhoto.com