I don’t normally get emails from photographers asking me to look at or feature their work on GG. I imagine most of those emails go to Joerg, Shane, Mrs. Deane, Rob, or to one of the many curatorial projects, (because we certainly get a ton of them at wipnyc!)  But Today, my inbox contained a very straightforward and polite email from Simon Hoegsberg. If he is smart, which is my guess, he probably emailed some of the above and you will be seeing him elsewhere, but I was impressed enough with his project to give him a blog post.  While Beat Streuli, and Philip Lorca Dicorcia have made some great work in this vein, neither of them have moved quite so far into Gursky’s territory.  Simon’s giant portrait “We Are All Gonna Die – 100 Meters of Existence” in one of those cases where photo technology enhances what the artist is trying to accomplish, rather than just being a excuse to mess with photoshop.   The project has it’s own website, which I suggest you visit, as the piece cannot be properly shown on a blog.

I also quite like some of his NYC street portraits from “Tower of Babel”, his artist statement presents them with this caveat:  “In 2006 I quit the project because I realized I no longer believed in the idea behind it.”  I have to give me props for that alone.

Happy Inauguration Everyone!!!!!