The photo blog is definitely in a moment of self reflection.  Many bloggers out their are the midst of crisis of faith so to speak, or they feel that the entire  genre needs to be revised. But I think much of their angst comes from expectations.  For me, from day one Ground Glass & WIP have been about community.  I love getting emails from photographers I don’t know and I love that I have made some wonderful friends.  As many of you may know, Amy Elkins and I had never met or even emailed before we started WIP and now she a big part of my life.  The one unexpected result of cyber relationships, is that they often flower into analog relationships.

Another thing that happens, is that I often see work somewhere or come across a name but never quite become really aware of an artist’s work.  And then one day, through my blog or someone else’s, I suddenly find them.  Today I got a lovely email from artist Bea Nettles. I am certain I have seen her hair loss work more than once but somehow never managed to find her.  But I have now had the pleasure of going to her site discovering a unique and talented voice. Her body of work is truly original and very inspiring.  I love seeing people make work that is personal and that seems to exist completely outside the traditional structures of the contemporary art market.  Bea also has an incredible collection of books for sale on her site.

So while they are certainly good and bad things about photo blogging, and there is something to be said for operating outside of the grid, I still prefer to be a part of a system that allows artists to connect and share.  Even if it is not perfect.

Cover of Artist book, “The Observer”


From “Turning 50”



Bea Speaks about her Tarot project