One good thing that has come from the digital revolution, is that the average person has access to cameras that can make stunning images.  I stumbled across these online, from the Butterflies of Africa Centre. The center is devoted to the study and protection of the butterflies and other animals.  And the images on the site are just plain beautiful.

Looking at this work makes me think of the future of the vernacular photograph. One of my favorite examples from the past being Kinsey, photographer.  The popularity of the Disfarmer work, and many other books that have used vintage everyday photographs, show the incredible and surprising value that this type of work can possess.  But now that we have gone “digital” will all of the billions of jpegs being created be “discovered” someday in the future?  Will people come across discarded or past down external hard rives, memory sticks or dvd’s at garage sales and flea markets? Will they be able to piece together the same kind of visual records?  And what of websites?  Once their hosting service expires they simply cease to exist for all intents.  As a photographer still shooting film, and making physical prints and books, I suppose I am a bit of  Luddite.  But there is something to be said for a photographs ability to travel to through time.  It will be interesting to see what happens.