My good friend and blogging/photo partner in crime Justin James Reed, is launching his first 20×200 edition at 2pm today. I know just about everyone under the sun is selling prints this holiday, and people’s apartments are in danger of looking like this:


But there has to be room for just one more special print in your life.  And let’s be honest at $20 bucks how can you say no, it is practically the cost of a Starbucks triple venti, soy, vanilla, whip, latte!  And sometime soon when Justin’s solo show hits town and you see the prints for 20 times the cost, you will want to hit yourself for not buying one now! (see Mickey Smith 20×200, sold out, now at Invisible Exports)

So get your credit card out now and start watching the clock.

**This is not his 20×200 edition, that is for Jen & Justin to know and for you to discover at 2pm**


© Justin James Reed