© Alec Soth

Kudos to Alec Soth!  His Last Days of W, not only has the best title, it is affordable and self published.  Two things an artist of his caliber rarely does.  I just purchased my copy and I am excited to get it in the mail.  It would make an excellent gift for your photo minded friends, and if you are lucky you can probably hook up a signature at some point.  I spent several hours at the Strand yesterday, and even with their excellent prices, I still cannot afford the many photo books I want.  However, I very much enjoyed spending some time with these titles, which once I am a little out of the red, I will start adding again to my photo book collection. The Strand was my photo MFA program. I still go there for inspiration and to discover things and to remind myself why I love New York.

Click on titles to be taken to the, where all are available at discount prices.





Transparent City, Michael Wolf


Michal Chelbin, Strangely Familiar


Joel Sternfeld, The Oxbow Archive