There are a lot of internet projects these days, some are really cool and fun and others I don’t quite get. When Hester aka Mrs. Deane (who by the way has one of the most original blogs out there, and if you are not reading it, you should be) forwarded me the Mus Mus call, I will admit to scratching my head a bit. Most of the everyone take a pic at the same time projects sort of seem a little pointless to me.  But this past election day was so significant, that having a record like this is indeed a worthy endeavor. Today the archive went up, and there are some fantastic images.  What I love most, is how much the images all seem like extensions of the artist’s other work.  And how personal many of the moments seem.  So if you have a minute, it is definitely worth taking a look.  Plus, I applaud the mystery creators for getting so many talented artists to contribute.

Some standouts:

Beth Dow

Bertien van Manen

Hester Keijser

Robert Lyons

Nina Berman

Laurel Ptak

Kai Olsen

Yaohong Ch’ng

Roger Ballen

Amy Stein

Virgilio Ferreira

Find your favorites at Mus Mus