Edelgard Clavey

Maria Hai-Anh Tuyet Cao

Peter Kelling

I came across this work on the Guardian site, and was quite taken with the images.  There was recently a very interesting discussion on photo synchronicity in Joerg Colberg’s new google group. These images by photographer Walter Schels, are on view now at the Welcome Collection. While the subject matter is entirely different, I was struck by a certain similarity to my UV portraits.

Even just for the beauty of the iamges themselves, this work is worth a look. And I applaud Mr. Schels for taking this kind of risk, I am not sure about the before and after aspect.  I am interested to see what others think. Perhaps my discomfort comes from being an American, and from growing up without ever having to deal with death.  But I look forward to reading more about the project.