I picked up my first print from my AIOP project images. I am always surprised and thrilled when I see one of my images at final size. I am espcially thrilled with this one.  And, I had the pleasure of shooting Darren Ching, Creative Director of Photo District News.  He posted a lovely blog post & interview today, and I am so happy to hear Darren share his experience.


Now, I just have another 184 scans to go!

Also, if you are in NYC, Aperture has a talk tomorrow night with artist Hank WiIlis Thomas. I am a new and big fan of his work. While in school, I did a whole collection of appropriated work related to my cosmetic surgery project. While I have never quite made anything of it, Thomas is a master of the form. I highly recommend stopping in.  I am really impressed with the Aperture line-up this fall, they are really reaching out to younger collectors and artists.  Let’s support them in this!