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I know we have all been asked for donations of late, but this is a great project and on my list to scrounge up the very reasonable $20.  Go to the website for a link to donate. Shane is not only lovely but doing something very interesting with this project. Read below (I borrowed from his original email):

Lay Flat is now accepting donations of any amount to go towards the printing and distribution of the first issue. Donators of $20 or more will be thanked in print and receive an advanced mailing about the release of the publication.

Thank you, Humble Arts Foundation, for your generous support.

Lay Flat is still seeking sources of funding to assist the launch of the publication.  Those of you who give more than $20 will be personally thanked in print and also receive an advanced mailing regarding the release of the publication, to assure you the chance of acquiring a copy before it sells out. The publication is expected to be available for purchase by November.

You should know that this project is a labor of love but I want to stress that it simply would not be possible without all of your patience and continued support. Thank you.

My best,
Shane Lavalette, editor

Lay Flat