© Denise Basco

I can’t begin to express how happy with I am with how my Art In Odd Places, UV Beauties shoot transpired. It has been a long time since I anxiously awaited my film like it was Christmas morning. If they are half as amazing as the process of creating them on the streets of Manhattan over these last two weekends, I will be thrilled.

Now it is time to hunker down for a long post-production period, and dig in to edit and conceptualize the project a bit more. I feel that these new images have added an additional layer of meaning to the project, and I need time to process that evolution.

But I want to thank my incredible support staff from these past two weekends. Their hard work, for FREE, made this all possible, I am so grateful.  Each one of them was professional, hard working and so enthusiastic, they made the shoot not only succeed, but so much fun.

The UltraViolet Beauties Team:  Check out their sites, I had some pretty talented photogs in my midst.

Nicole Cordier

Jerry La Starza

Jason Falchook

Gabriela Herman

Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Kevin Faulkner

Monika Sala

Fury Young (extra special thank you to Fury, who not only came all four days, but got everyone to sign a release form, no easy task!)

Also, it has been so wonderful to get some much support from my fellow bloggers and artists. Check out these posts:

Have You Seen My Dynamite, Tim Briner

Amy Elkins

Nina Corvallo

I Like to Tell Stories, Jonathan Saunders



Tethered, Elizabeth Fleming

Jane Tam

Pictures I like to look at, Will Green

And most importantly to my list of contributors and vendors, without their donations or discounts, I would not have been able to shoot.

Lens & Repro

LTI/ Lightside Photographic Service

Christina Buesing

Brad Farwell

Leo Phillips

Michael Phillips

Mary Phillips

Frances Scott

Barbara Suhay

Jerry La Starza

Ralph & Linda Tiso

James Worrell

Elizabeth Fleming

Catherine Johnson

Kim Reierson

Marcel Saba

Dawn Roscoe

Anna Venezia

C H Paquette

Ian Aleksander Adams

Joseph Maida

Nadia Kaufhold

Garth Horn

Ofer Wolberger

Justin James Reed

Amy Elkins

Howard Silver

Barney Kulok

Will Steacy

Amy Stein

Tim Briner

Sheida Hakimian

Erika Larsen

Laura Kauffmann

Jonathan Saunders

Leyla Sharabi

Tim Davis

The Humble Arts Foundation

I hope I got everyone, thank you so much. Those of you above who came by for a portrait, I will be in touch soon.