I know there are 12 million things to do tonight in photoland, but my vote goes to Amy Elkins & Sharon Core at Yancey Richardson. 535 W 22nd st – 6pm be there!

This is Amy’s Chelsea debut, and I promise will be fun for sure. I am so excited and happy for my WIP partner in crime. So many good things of late for all, also congrats to the Jackanory on his 1st prize winning PDN self-promo win, awards are tonight, and to Eric Percher & Alejandra Laviada, Sarah Small, Julie Blackmon and Kelli Connell for their AP emerging photographers of the year wins.

And don’t forget tomorrow from 10 am – 5pm and Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm, I will be at 9th Ave and 14th St, doing round two of my UV portraits.