A couple new blogs to check out, by photographer’s  Rebecca Horne and Anna Venezia, both of whom I have known for some time.  Check out their budding endeavors and give them some support!  Also, if you have any interest in super cool furniture design, my boyfriend continues to amaze me with his Brooklyn Modern blog. He recently filmed the new Bamboo exhibit at the Japan Society (pretty incredible stuff) keep an eye out for his post.  And I got an email from Michael Werner of Two Way Lens, a blog I was previously unfamiliar with, he has an interview posted with the always interesting and impressive Zoe Strauss.

Also, another don’t miss, the current Bond St gallery exhibit, where my partners in crime, Justin James Reed, Timothy Briner & Jon Feinstein have their work featured. As well the photo blogs world’s most generous elder statesman, Brian Ulrich. It is soooo worth the train ride to Brooklyn:)  Tim, I must own this picture!

208 High Street, Boonville, Missouri, 2007