I will busy the next two weeks shooting my outdoor UV portraits and will not be able to post too much. But come see me and get your pic taken instead!

Union Square

Thursday October 16th: 10:30 – 4:45 pm

Friday October 17th:  9:30 – 5pm (from 11am – noon I will be on break)

I will be either by 17th and Broadway, 14th Bet. Broadway and University or Bet. 14th and 15th and Broadway and 4th Ave.  Look for the giant flash’s going off.

14th St & 9th Ave

Friday October 24th: 10 – 5pm

Sat October 25th: 10 – 5pm

Across from the Apple store.

And thanks so everyone for your outpouring of generosity and support. The donations have made this possible, hopefully with a little more, I will not end up selling any body parts on eBay:)

Once I am back up, I have lots to say about the ACP portfolio review I attended this weekend, an all around fantastic event!