One of the ideas that emerged form the Young Collectors Panel at Aperture a few weeks ago, is that art, if purchased intelligently, holds it value even when the stock market is crashing.  So during our current market disaster, non-profits are apt to find their donor’s suddenly less generous, and are going to need support from somewhere.  They are likely be a lot more auctions going on, which means a great place to get work at a value.  I have a friend with a vintage Arbus picked up at an early 90’s AIDS benefit, now worth considerably more.  So I decided to pick out some good buys from the current crop of work out there, all good causes.  There is a lot of chatter online about the art for Obama auction, but it would be great to spread the world to those outside of the NY art world, and push up those auction prices!

Art for Obama – Auction begins October 1st – The list here is pretty great, Sternfeld, Daivs, Kereszi, Carucci, Wagner, Tillmans, Morell…

Elieen Cowin

Untitled, 16″ x 20″, Light Jet, From the Series: Your Whole Body is a Target, 2007/2008
Artist Proof

Todd Hido
#6097, 2006, 11″x14″ C-Print, from the series A Road Divided
Caption Info: “From my upcoming solo show in San Francisco
that opens the day after Obama could win the election!”
Artist’s Proof #2

David Maisel
Lake Project 16, 2001, 20″ x 20″ C-Print
Edition: 5/1

Laurie Simmons
Lying Book (Sepia), 1990
8″x10″ Chromogenic C-Print
Edition: 15/30

James Welling
Glass House, 2006, 32.5″ X 44.5″ Ink Jet Print
Notes: Printed on Museo silver rag, mounted on museum board
Artist’s Proof 1/3

Blind Spot

James Casebere
Row House, 1994
silver print
14 x 11 inches
edition of 60
Reuben Cox
From The Work of Joe Webb, 2001-2007
Kodabromide print
11 x 14 inches
edition of 15 + APs
Wijnanda Deroo
Guestroom, Curacao
16 x 20 inches
edition of 15
Justine Kurland
Burnt Down Forest, Wet Tinder
16 x 20 inches
edition of 25

Jem Southam
February 2001 from Upton Pyne
8 x 10 inches

edition of 100

Hannah Whitaker
White Rabbit, 2007
11 x 14 inches
edition of 15 + APs

Wall of Fire, Labor Day,
(Clevand, OH)
From Self Portrait as an Artist
Digital C-print
Paper: 11 x 14
Image: 9 x 13
Signed and numbered
Edition of 10

Stage for High School Commencement
, 2006
From History of a Village: Mamaroneck
Paper: 11 x 14
Image: 9.75 x 12
Signed and numbered
Edition of 10

From Imitation of Life
Paper: 11 x 14
Image: 9 x 11.25
Signed and numbered
Edition of 1

Gary, Ilano TX,
From Almost Naked
Digital C-print
Paper: 11 x 14
Image: 10 x 12.5
Signed and numbered
Edition of 10

Lipo Machine #43,
From Poignant Longings
Digital C-print
Paper: 14 x 17
Image: 11 x 14
Signed and numbered
Edition of 10

And in honor of the Art for Obama auction, I will contbribute the profit of my next HA Limited Edition print sale to Obama’s campaign.

So I know its a strange time in the world, but investing in art, is a lot better than buying another handbag or ipod or thing that will bore you and that will lose their value in a matter of months.