I know, I am friends with them, I know they are selling one of my prints, but despite all of that, I am so genuinely impressed with the newly relaunched Humble Arts site. It has a great design, and more importantly makes the photography the star of the site.  Jon Feinstein’s latest Group Show is the first time I have really liked a set of work focused on exploring the photographic process.  It all seems so fresh to the eye, not an easy thing to do.

These are very uncertain times in the world and it is trickling into the photo world.  I just stopped by my rental place, and the looks of defeat on their faces was really scary. The commercial world is especially taking a hit, and will most likely get worse.  This is a moment when new is necessary, to keep people interested and looking at art.  There is something both light and hopeful in much of the current crop of work, but also an equal measure of darker work.  I am excited to see what they do next. And looking at the show, I am inspired to get out my camera. I just need money to pay for film:) Good job Humble.