Tonight, my great friend and WIPNYC supporter Amani Olu is speaking at Aperture along with my new BFF, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, superstar photographer/blogger Brian Ulrich, and Aperture’s own Kellie McLaughlin.  Pretty much the whole photo community is coming out, but the event is about photo collecting so please pass this along to your friends with high paying jobs – if you have any left after this weekend’s Wall Street blood bath, speaking of hubris and misbehavior and Republican mismanagement… Think of it this way, what better time to start collecting affordable, emerging artists.  Who wants a million dollar piece of crap these days!  I mean specifically some of the excrement that has been passing as art these past few years.  Maybe now we will finally emerge from a decade of indulgent, art for money’s sake.

Aperture Foundation

547 W 27th St

6:30 pm

Below from Brian Ulrich’s Copia, ‘Retail’ series. A body of work that, which is already starting to take on even more significance as it ages.