I have a special place in my heart for ICP, not only did I discover I was a photographer there, I got my first job in the photo world while attending a class and met my significant other.  So overall, I got a lot of my experience, and they have a reasonably priced, well run digital lab. So looking at there upcoming fall line-up I am tempted to take some classes myself.  There are pretty fantastic folk teaching there this semester, I highly recommend all of the following classes.  Where else can you get a successful gallery owner, a top photo agent, smart MFA’s who are make actively making great photography or one of the best photojournalists in the world to take the time to pay attention to your work.

08FPJ05* | Dina Kantor
Oct 3–Dec 12 | Fri 2:00–5:00 pm | $620
By examining the individual, one gains a better understanding
of the whole. This course goes beyond traditional
portraiture by focusing on the people who make up a larger
community. Students should prepare for this course by
doing preliminary research on a community or group with
whom they would like to work. Discussions will include
gaining access, what it means to document a community,
creating an archive, and how to structure such a project.
We will look at the work of August Sander, Tina Barney, and
Sharon Lockhart, among others. This is a critique and
discussion course with emphasis on aesthetic and conceptual
issues. The final class will culminate in a portfolio review.
PREREQUISITE: Photo II or portfolio review
*NOTE: No class, Fri Nov 28

08FVC19* | Marcel Saba & Allyson Torrisi
Oct 6–Dec 15 | Mon 10:00 am–1:00 pm | $620 + $25 fee
Prepare to enter the professional world of photography. In
this course, assignments and lectures will teach students
about the key aspects of marketing and editing their photographic
work for professional purposes. Topics will cover
building, editing, and presenting a portfolio; approaching
photo editors and art buyers; finding the right agent; creating
the right images; shooting for stock and building a stock
library; handling billing and contracts; and maintaining your
rights. Visiting professionals from various fields will share their
experiences. This course is designed for advanced students.
PREREQUISITE: Photo III or portfolio review
*NOTE: No class, Mon Oct 13

08FVC13* | Tema Stauffer
Oct 3–Dec 12 | Fri 6:30–9:30 pm | $620 + $25 fee
The night brings mystery and drama to a city street, as well
as a set of challenges to the photographer. This course will
encourage students to experiment with different methods
of photographing at night. Students will review work by
photographers with widely ranging styles, such as Weegee,
William Eggleston, Nan Goldin, and Todd Hido. Technical
demonstrations will cover how to use a flash, high-speed
films, and long exposures to create mood. Discussions wil
also address strategies for safe and effective shoots.
Students will develop a personal project and critique one
another’s work. In addition, this course will help students
learn or expand their printing skills in a color darkroom. All
camera formats are welcome.
PREREQUISITE: Photo I in Black-and-White, previous darkroom
experience, or portfolio review
*NOTE: No class, Fri Nov 28

08FVC02* | Corinne May Botz
Oct 6–Dec 15 | Mon 6:30–9:30 pm | $620
The home is an entry to memories, dreams, and desires; it
is both a fictional and a lived reality. This course will cover
family photography and domestic space. Students will
become familiar with a wide range of historical and contemporary
photographers who explore family. Visiting artists will
share their work and knowledge. We will discuss how family
snapshots construct memory and identity, and how the
introduction of the camera can complicate family dynamics
and strengthen bonds. Students will develop a personal
view of home and create a photographic series that relates
to the themes covered in class. Technical and aesthetic
considerations will be addressed.
*NOTE: No class, Mon Oct 13

08FWW05 | Vincent Laforet
One weekend | Nov 8 & 9 | 10:00 am–5:00 pm | $380
In this informal weekend course, the instructor will guide
students through assignments, as well as the thought
process he uses to obtain unexpected photographic
results. Starting with actual assignment sheets that the
instructor has received from a variety of clients, including
The New York Times and National Geographic, students will
take on projects as if they were their own, learning how to
overcome hurdles that arise. We will also focus on the best
ways to approach assignments with a desire to make
unique images. Students will leave better prepared to face a
wide range of assignments and with a stronger grasp of
how to balance logistical concerns with artistic vision.
PREREQUISITE: Photo II or portfolio review

08FVC15* | Michael Mazzeo
Oct 6–Dec 15 | Mon 6:30–9:30 pm | $620 + $75 fee
This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of
studio lighting with an emphasis on practical applications
for portraiture and still-life photography. In-class demonstrations
will cover the use of tungsten lights and electronic
flash equipment, as well as diffusing light with reflectors and
umbrellas. Students will learn to consider the direction of
light, proper exposure, and the effect on contrast and color
balance. Topics will include the properties of various light
and film combinations.
PREREQUISITE: Photo II, Lighting Techniques: An Overview, or
portfolio review
*NOTE: No class, Mon Oct 13