I cannot begin to express my gratitude those of you who have supported me in making Singular Beauty a reality.  To have the work recognized along with so many other great artists, (just take a look at the some of incredible talent on the honorable mention list) and by people whom I admire and respect truly means a great deal to me.  So thank you to Blurb, the judges of Photography Now, and all of you out there who have helped me along the way.  For those of you in San Francisco, London, Cologne and New York, check out Blurb site and find out how you can see the winning books in person.  Below are examples of the winners  work and links to their sites, so you can find out more about them or see their entries. Except for mine, which stayed tuned, will be available soon.  I want to support Blurb, I am so impressed with how supportive they have been, and give everyone a chance to see my book project.

Grand Prize: Beth Dow

In the Garden

General Category Winner: Talia Chetrit


Themed Category Winner: Jonathan Smith

The Bridge Project

General Category 1st Runner Up: John Lehr

Something is Happening

Themed Category 1st Runner Up: Cara Phillips (YES ME!)

Singular Beauty

General Category 2nd Runner Up: Michael Corridore

Roadworks – (Dreamend, Nowhere, Whitesville) and other stories

Themed Category 2nd Runner Up: (tie)

Benjamin Lowy

Iraq | Perspectives

Ed Panar


B. Lowy

E. Panar

Honorable Mention: General Category

Honorable Mention: Themed Category