I have received several emails from fellow photographer/bloggers in support of Mr. Laforet and his new blog so I feel the need to reconsider. He and his blog unfortunately showed up just I was thinking about blogging’s successes as an alternative to the traditional forms of making your mark in the ever competitive field of photography, both commercial and fine-art. So I apologize if he got the brunt of my concerns.  Based on his generous and thoughtful comments, he is obviously a very smart and very nice man, and to be fair, he has only just started. I hope that we get to know more of him (and his work) from the blog as he goes on.  I think there is a great opportunity for an Alec Soth of the commercial photosphere just waiting to be taken.  My post earlier today was more about the my fear of the format itself getting gobbled up by the “big boys.”  I really value the open environment of our little world which has given voice to many people we might otherwise have never heard about. To me, that is something worth protecting.