I am not someone who has a problem admitting they are wrong. Part of the open environment of the blog, it is it is not always easy to tell to what is going on each person’s blog. So to be fair I must correct my mistake at mis-attributing a quote in my previous post on the Catherine Opie & blog comments.

The actual quote by Ruben is

Let the fireworks begin before July 4th !

As far as I know everything in ART is done by now and there is nothing wrong with re-interpretation, reference or being influenced by another artist’s work as long as there is an individual interpretation of it.

Judging an artist by their looks comes across rather shallow. If the work is not your style and not pleasant to your eye …don’t buy it or look at it.Then again if the work and the artist is causing such reaction and emotion…something must be working!

Ok, Miss Fire-Crackers…chill out and enjoy the ho ho holiday!

The quote I accidentally attributed to him, was actually posted by Art Old Spice. I am very sorry for the mistake and in no way meant any harm. So Ruben please accept my apology.