We are a few days into our upstate trip and already adventure has ensued. Last night while I was sleeping, my boyfriend saw what he thought was a small bird fluttering through the house. It was late and dark, so he let is be for the moment. But when he heard loud banging upstairs he rushed up to make sure the bird was not attacking me. Turns out it was bashing itself against the window. He grabbed a ruler and a pillow case hoping to catch it and take outside, but then it turned and flew right at him. At that point he only saw tiny little fangs and freaked! So he swung the ruler at it to keep it from flying into his face. It dropped to the floor, and then he saw that it was a bat!!! How it got into the house is a mystery, but as beautiful as it is here in upstate NY, having a flying rodent in your house a 2am is not fun. I am sure there are a lot of kick ass ladies out there who would have stepped up to the challenge, but this is once instance that I am glad my boyfriend had to deal. He is completely traumatized as he does not hunt or routinely kill animals.

Hopefully we have some relaxing on the way…

Our late night visitor.