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Today is Ground Glass’s one year birthday, I can’t begin to express how much this endeavor has meant to me.  Not only has it help me grow as an artist, it has brought some amazing people into my life who have become real friends.  The internet has profoundly changed the way we shop, love, think, meet, and experience life and most dramatically how we share the minutia and most intimate moments of our existence. So in honor of the blog’s special day, I am going to use images instead of words to express my thoughts and feelings about today.  After all this is a blog about photography.

Thank you all!


Funny when you google John Kennedy, you get almost as many Barak Obama hits. Lately, how photographs function in our culture has been on my mind. After looking at the way that Damon Winter captured Obama fever, and after Obama’s speech, I started to think about how the ways in which a candidate is photographed affects our image of them.  It is very interesting to me to see these pictures from JFK’s campaign and compare them to how Barack Obama is being photographed.

NY Times Slide Show

I normally feature fine-art photography on GG, but I came across this portfolio of images on the Times website by Damon Winter and was blown away.  This is some dramatic work and really captures the theatrics of the campaign.  Makes me reconsider the digital SLR.   My guess as his camera, I think most journalists now use them, but I would be curious to know.

Today I was checking the stats for Women in Photography, I always find it fascinating to see how many sites around the world pick up the shows and write about them. I assume they say good things since I can’t read the many different languages we have been featured in.  Today, I saw and clicked on the link. And there in black and white on the Aperture website is the write-up for the Women in Photography Panel in September!  I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels see my name on the Aperture site and to be in such illustrious company. Truly, it is honor to speaking at an institution that once seemed so far out of reach. Thanks Laurel!  I hope you all can come to out talk, and help us make it a success.

New York, New York

Women In Photography

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
6:30 p.m.

Aperture Gallery
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor
New York, New York
(212) 505-5555

Click here today for our latest show…

I have received several emails from fellow photographer/bloggers in support of Mr. Laforet and his new blog so I feel the need to reconsider. He and his blog unfortunately showed up just I was thinking about blogging’s successes as an alternative to the traditional forms of making your mark in the ever competitive field of photography, both commercial and fine-art. So I apologize if he got the brunt of my concerns.  Based on his generous and thoughtful comments, he is obviously a very smart and very nice man, and to be fair, he has only just started. I hope that we get to know more of him (and his work) from the blog as he goes on.  I think there is a great opportunity for an Alec Soth of the commercial photosphere just waiting to be taken.  My post earlier today was more about the my fear of the format itself getting gobbled up by the “big boys.”  I really value the open environment of our little world which has given voice to many people we might otherwise have never heard about. To me, that is something worth protecting.

I recently discovered Vincent Laforet’s blog via the Jackanory, I know I am a few weeks behind the curve, I have found myself unable to motivate myself to do much more than read, go for walks and eat in the midst of such beautiful surroundings and weather.  But I did take a peek over the weekend, to see if I had missed anything.  I have been thinking quite a bit about blogging up here, strange how as you remove yourself from something your feelings and perceptions change.  When Shoot the Blog launched, I understood that the photo blog would inevitably be co-opted by mainstream media outlets. However Rachel Hulin has managed to maintain a relatively corporate free attitude and I never read it and think “this is an ad for Photoshelter.” A very smart decision by them and to Rachel’s credit.

However, when I clicked on the first Olympic photo on Laforet’s blog and was taken to the Newsweek site, I knew that something had shifted.  Laforet’s blog is absolutely a commercial endeavor, and it is backed a major media corporation, even if they are not paying for it (as most blog hosting companies are free).  When you click on the images and texts on his blog, they are hyper-linked directly to the Newsweek blog. The sites exist both as the Newsweek blog about their assigned photographer at the Olympics and as the blog by a Newsweek assigned photographer at the Olympics. Confused yet?  There is definitely something really interesting about Newsweek site, it is rare that a major news magazine lets a photographer write about his experiences. It is a very successful addition to their website, and similar to the NY Times blogs, it functions as a place online to feature mini stories.

Laforet’s blog in contrast, is a miss. Part of why the blog disappointment to me, is that I have always found his work to be the most visually interesting and whimsical of the NY Times photographers.  So, I want to see the pictures Newsweek doesn’t pick. The ones that are too racy, too weird for publication. Or his favorites, or the ones he thinks failed and why. I already know that Vincent Laforet is an amazing, successful and talented photographer and I know he has to protect his status, but why start a blog to just show images that are already so accessible in other venues. On the Newsweek blog, he is giving us an edited and professionally produced “inside view” of a super successful magazine photographer, which in that context works very well.  But in the context of the personal artist blog, it functions like an infomercial for him. I think this raises some very interesting issues about the nature of the photo blog. So far, the most successful blogs, have either been very personal in nature or curatorial.

My fear is that big companies will see blogs succeeding and will jump on the bandwagon to create what they deem as safe replicas of the blog genre.  I think there should is a definite line between a blog sponsored by a major media conglomerate and the blog of an individual artist.  When the two are blurred, something is lost. Even though I know the change cannot be stopped, to me the blog should remain the wild west. A place where artists can meet, share information, show their work, and connect with the world around them. If that helps their career, great, but please leave the unremitting self-promotion for your website, or for dinner parties.

If you have not already read about it Amy’s own blog or Sarah Sudhoff’s, Amy Stein’s HA Limited Edition originally priced at $375 is now on eBay at the BuyitNow price of 1,200 bucks. So I know I have said it before, but Humble is by far one of the best places to get a reasonable and great piece of art. The editions are small, and hand picked by curator Jon Feinstein. Someday you will be kicking yourself that you did not buy one. So don’t delay, head on over there. Keep in mind, everything that is an undiscovered gem, gets found!

So on that theme, my Humble offering is a beautiful Digital-C print, done by me, as I am super exacting about my prints. I think it would look great over someone’s couch or dining room table. Don’t we all need a little bit of Orange County in our lives….

Liposuction Machine #43, Orange County. 2008

You must have heard about the phenomenal success of the Bond St Galleries, Young Curators, New Ideas Show currently rocking the normally slow August art scene. The brain child of Humble Arts co-founder Amani Olu and Bond St Gallery Director, this show is getting ink everywhere. Amani picked some smart people and said hey, what do you think is relevant now? His willingness to take that risk seems just the kind of shot in the arm the art world so desperately needs.

I unfortunately am upstate and cannot attend, but I say to those you can get thee to the F Train!

Seth Lower

WIPNYC Presents Erika Larsen up today.

Elizaville, NY

I launched my spiffy new website today and I am super flattered to be featured today on I Heart Photograph. The new re-designed site has new work and a news section with my upcoming exhibits and events.

Hope you all take a look. And thanks to Adam K. Olsen for the beautiful job.

It seems I have spread the blogging bug to my boyfriend, who has of course, already figured out ten more features on wordpress than I have ever ventured to learn. As we are trapped in a house with spotty internet, and we only get reception on one TV station, he has decided to start his own blog. When we moved to Brooklyn last year, he discovered the 3rd Ward wood shop, where he has taken his amazing design skills from the ad world and translated them to woodworking. We have a beautiful handmade dining room table to prove it. So he has started Brooklyn Modern, a blog all about the furniture design scene in Brooklyn.

Take a peek if you have a minute. I have already learned from it!

I am not someone who has a problem admitting they are wrong. Part of the open environment of the blog, it is it is not always easy to tell to what is going on each person’s blog. So to be fair I must correct my mistake at mis-attributing a quote in my previous post on the Catherine Opie & blog comments.

The actual quote by Ruben is

Let the fireworks begin before July 4th !

As far as I know everything in ART is done by now and there is nothing wrong with re-interpretation, reference or being influenced by another artist’s work as long as there is an individual interpretation of it.

Judging an artist by their looks comes across rather shallow. If the work is not your style and not pleasant to your eye …don’t buy it or look at it.Then again if the work and the artist is causing such reaction and emotion…something must be working!

Ok, Miss Fire-Crackers…chill out and enjoy the ho ho holiday!

The quote I accidentally attributed to him, was actually posted by Art Old Spice. I am very sorry for the mistake and in no way meant any harm. So Ruben please accept my apology.

We are a few days into our upstate trip and already adventure has ensued. Last night while I was sleeping, my boyfriend saw what he thought was a small bird fluttering through the house. It was late and dark, so he let is be for the moment. But when he heard loud banging upstairs he rushed up to make sure the bird was not attacking me. Turns out it was bashing itself against the window. He grabbed a ruler and a pillow case hoping to catch it and take outside, but then it turned and flew right at him. At that point he only saw tiny little fangs and freaked! So he swung the ruler at it to keep it from flying into his face. It dropped to the floor, and then he saw that it was a bat!!! How it got into the house is a mystery, but as beautiful as it is here in upstate NY, having a flying rodent in your house a 2am is not fun. I am sure there are a lot of kick ass ladies out there who would have stepped up to the challenge, but this is once instance that I am glad my boyfriend had to deal. He is completely traumatized as he does not hunt or routinely kill animals.

Hopefully we have some relaxing on the way…

Our late night visitor.

I will be leaving tomorrow for most of August for a much needed break. I am not sure how much I will be blogging, there is internet where I am going, but I may decide to spend time with the 4 novels I bought at the Strand instead. This year has been amazing, I still can’t believe this time last year I had just finished my very hard won BA. So it definitely feels like a moment to rest a bit, and recharge my batteries. There is so much coming up in September, October and November, I fear this will be the last break I get for some time.

So I hope you all enjoy the last bit of summer. And thank you all for the overwhelming response and support with the donations! It means so much. Keep em’ coming!

Summer getaway upstate two years ago…