Funny how things always seem to be in the air all at the same time, I came across this article in the NY Times today, so I guess I am not the only one thinking about language standards in Cyberspace. I do believe that we should aim for basic standards of proper English in most forms of online communication. Spelling and punctuation are tiny, but necessary parts of maintaining a basic sense of community and a shared form of communication. If we decide to abandon them, we will no longer have a uniform language that is readable, theoretically, by all. However, I think there are gray areas in new media. As I said in my previous post, while I try to maintain these standards on GG, I do not benefit from the copy editing, fact checking and several rounds of corrections that go into traditional media. Having just worked at a magazine and seen the incredible diligence and work that goes into even the smallest article, I realize that it is unreasonable to have that same level of expectation for myself. So I suppose that blogging, as a self-generated form of media, has to be given a looser hand, as would email. A written letter, has a higher expectation for perfection. However, their is a danger that if we veer too far away from the rules of grammar, we risk losing our common language. It is an interesting subject and one that I think will continue to evolve.

New York Times