One good thing about photo contests is that they push you to edit, and compile your work in a coherent and intelligent manner. But the mania created by the Photography Now contest is really something. Maybe it is just me, but there is something way too myspace/facebook and wrong about the naked exposure of having the entries online and available for purchase. I mean would anyone want their college applications online to read? Or people looking in your underwear drawer? No matter how you cut it, you are either going to be the subject of ridicule or the cause someone else to panic and realize they did a shit job and are going to lose. I am now so happy that my poor boyfriend and I labored to make the hard copy entries. There is nothing wrong with the contest, but to me there are some things that should remain private. It would have been lovely to pick the top 20 and put them on the site for sale, or some thing like that, but seeing that there were 1724 entries was a little overwhelming. And that does not include hard copy entries. I actually feel really bad for the judges, because that is an extraordinary amount of work to look at. So note to self, no more contests which have horrible naked self exposure involved, unless of course that part only comes from winning!