One of my favorite shows on television is the Dog Whisperer, my boyfriend and I watch it all the time. Probably because we both want a dog so much, but have lifestyles & landlords that make it impossible right now. And also because despite the shows production values and ‘cheese’ factor, Cesar Milan is a great life coach. It is fascinating to watch people be mystified as to why their dogs act out, and then casually admit to not walking their dogs or giving them any discipline. Often the person’s neurotic issues seem to have been passed on to the dog in very fascinating ways. As an artist I am endlessly interested in human behaviour. Capturing our collective neurosis is one of photography’s greatest abilities. As well as capturing the strangeness of the individual. Our relationships with our pets is a great place to explore this phenomena. This morning I came across a fascinating story in the The New York Times about new trends in medicating dogs and cats. The pharmaceutical companies are investing in what they see as a new and growing market, companion pet-meds. Considering I also just read that anti-statin drugs were recently approved for children starting at age 8, to prevent a future chance heart disease (thanks to our epidemic of childhood obesity,) I was not surprised. We are a culture of pill poppers and quick fixers. Modern society turns to science & technology to fix all of its ills. Because if we pop a pill, it is cheaper, faster, easier and it keeps us able to work the long hours necessary to keep the global economy going. Perhaps our dogs would not be chasing their tails if their owners were less fucked up, pardon my language.

So in honor of the Times article, I wanted to show Isabella’s Rozendall’s work. I came across it last week at my freelance gig and thought, wow she really captured both oddity of the culture and the peculiarity of the individual.

On Loving Animals / Graduation Project

A photo exhibition, photo book and thesis about the Dutch and
their obsessive love for animals. From the shows to the races,
from the bedroom to the backyard, from kittenhood to old age.
The animal that shares our life as part of our families and more