An interview went up today on the Girl Project blog, discussing my work. It was an honor to share my personal motivations with their audience. If you have a moment, check out the site. I am very excited to be a part of the Girl Project, a very positive and cool online initiative that works to empower and encourage teenage girls to express themselves using a camera. Even if you are not a teenage girl, their work is interesting and inspiring. Photography as a medium can have many functions, and it makes an excellent vehicle for young people to find their voice.

So many exciting and great things are happening for my work right now, more to come soon… But thank you all for your support and for staying with me through this process. As for WIP, it’s success continues, we have lots of really fabulous things planned in the months ahead.

What Is The Girl Project?

The Girl Project explores the lives of American teenage girls by putting them behind the camera to document themselves. Using disposable cameras, girls 13-18 photograph their lives as only they know and understand it.

image from the girl project


There are two ways to share your photos. First, you have to become a participant in The Girl Project. E-mail me and I’ll send you a disposable camera. Once you return it to me, all the photos on the camera will be considered for a blog posting (and The Girl Project website and future book). Second, (only after returning your TGP camera) you can submit new work that you would like to share. E-mail me a low resolution version of your photo (72dpi, 5x7in) and it will be considered for the blog. If it is selected I’ll post it and write about it… and ask you to write about too.