I received an email this week, asking if we planned to have WIPNYC be a resource for photo editors. We of course hope to become that, and resource is the word that best represents what Amy & I are trying to do. Whether for galleries, PE’s, Art Buyers, or other artists, we want to create an archive where you can go to find female artists and to get a feel for what contemporary photographers are doing. There are some really exciting things happening online right now, which are opening up the fine-art photo world.

The internet is vast & there is a lot to choose from, so I wanted to put together a list for myself, that includes both internet and other sources. I am sure most of you know these places, but sometimes it is nice to have things put together all in one place. The list includes, general info sites, cool photographer’s projects, online photo magazines, blogs, book stores, galleries, open submissions, and some other photo related info.

Young Photographers Untied. An online consortium designed to help emerging photographers. They have artists from all over the world and help with career development.

ASMP. A great resource for legal and financial aspects of commercial photography. They have sample model releases, invoices etc. If you join they also have insurance.

Editotial Photo. Resources about the world of editorial photography.

Fractured Atlas. An online artists association, with has good rates on insurance and info for artists.

PDN Online. Contests, info about other photographers, a resource section and online portfolios.

Aperture. The site is a great resource for some of the best books and photography out there. The foundation also hosts great talks, and exhibits. They have a great bookstore for browsing and thinking photo. And the magazine is a great subscription to have.

Blind Spot. The artists A-Z sections has work from almost every important artist. The magazine is sort of the holy grail of fine-art photography, although their program of late is not to my taste, its still a force.

Cabinet. The most fun and unexpected of the art mags. The website is not so much photo related, but inspiring none the less.

Portfolio. Great photo mag, but only publishes UK based artists.

Foam. A new discovery for me, but wow what a magazine. I am dying to be in this one, and so should you. Each magazine is a work of art!

Saatchi Gallery Online. To be honest I still can’t figure out how it works but there seem to be lots of opportunities coming out of it so its worth pursuing.

Re-title. Really cool online portfolio site, great opportunities listings and reasonably priced. Also good place to find galleries outside your home town.

The Design Trust for Public Space. A very cool organization with a good photo grant.

LMCC. Lots of events and opportunities as well as grants. If you are NYC based you should know about them.

ArtCal. Keep up with the NY art scene

Gomma Magazine. A great list of exhibits happening all over the world and a nice photo mag.

Glowlab. Brooklyn based support for emerging artists. Festivals, events and info.

Humble Arts. Where to begin. If you have not submitted, do. Jon Feinstein has a great eye and they are committed to emerging fine-art photography.

Piece of Cake. Collective of European art photographers.

Photo Debut. Young photographer collective of mostly UK based artists. Run Aaron Shulman, editor of Seesaw.

Seesaw. Really well produced online mag, open submissions.

1000 Words Magazine. A great new online magazine, they are not kidding around, first issue feature, Candida Hofer, Olaf Otto Becker & Martin Parr to name a few. The site also has a blog.

Blue Eyes magazine. Online photo mag.

Making Room. Good online mag, with a blog and lots of news and photographer info.

Lens Culture. Also has an open submission policy and shows a wide variety of work.

Purpose. Really nicely produced and a great place to see what French photographers are up to.

PRC. Photographic Resource Center at Boston University. If you live in New England they are your place to go. They also have great online database for photo history, and just launched a new Blog.

Photo Shelter Blog. Highlights photographers works & events.

Flak Photo. A curated online venue for single photographs as well as news & photo events. Also open submissions.

Mrs Deane. A truly unique & intelligent blog. I always find something new there.

State of The Art. American Photo’s blog, they have very informative posts.

Conscientious. King Joerg. Need I say more.

ICP. They have a really great library, classes and digital lab. The museum is really hit or miss, but an important photo institution.

The Center Santa Fe. Based on this years portfolio review selections I have lost a little faith, but still a valuable photo resource.

Fifty Crows. If you are a documentary photography this is the site.

Lightwork. Great residency program and magazine.

Houston Center for Photography, They also have a nice magazine, Spot.

Photography-Now. Great resource for shows, researching artists and festivals.

Foto 8. Wide variety of info.

Wanderlustagraphy. Online collective curated by the lovely Amy Elkins. It has a really interesting mix of work & open submissions.

APE, Heather Morton, A Visual Society & the Jackanory. 4 unique voices in the blog world, which focus on commercial (some fine art) photography.

The Girl Project. A great project which encourages young women to use photography is very interesting ways.

Remain in the Light, We Cant Paint & Pause to Begin. New blog based curatorial projects and books.

The Strand. The 12th street store is where I received my photo education. Sometimes I go to the photo book section when I am depressed and lose myself in the work of the greats. Also look out for talks, some of the best in the world stop by & give books talks.

The New York Times Magazine. I may look online but I never miss an issue. Kathy Ryan if your reading this, I want you to adopt me:)

Magnum. Just to browse the archives it a treat and they have a nice blog.

MOMA. A must destination to periodically be inspired or disappointed by some of their current shows.

LACMA. With Charlotte Cotton at the helm, a very interesting photo program, including events & artists talks.They also host an very heady blog, Words Without Pictures.

Large Format Photography. Great technical info for us 4×5 & larger shooters.

PhotoNet. While this site can get a little crazy, if you have a tech question, chances are its already been answered there, & answered & answered.

Adorama and B&H. Best places to shop for all things photo.

K&M. The Saturday shop.

Badger Graphics. Best place for LF equipment online.

Midwest Photo Exchange & KEH Camera. Good used selection.

Motherland. Simon Roberts very cool website of his photo book.

Fazal Sheikh. Beautiful work, site and has his books online.

Steidl. By far the best photo publisher website. And yes there books are pretty nice too.

Scalo. Publishing, galleries & more.

PhotoEye. Magazine, Publishing online exhibits.

PhotoLucida. Contests & portfolio reviews.

Powerhouse. Taking over the photo world as we speak.

D.A.P. Good general art & photo books research.

Slideluck Potshow. If you want a good excuse to go somewhere, submit your work. Then you have an excuse for vacation.

Beth Schiffer & Print Space. Scan & Print digital-c’s by the hour in the NYC area. Everyone goes to one of them if they do the work themselves.

LTI, A Small Darkroom, Killer Image Labs, Laumont, Box Studios. Best NYC labs & digital retouching. Be prepared to spend $$$.

Adorama, Lens & Repro, Fotocare. Rentals. I am a L&R girl, they very knowledgeable and have the best LF equipment.

Alas, there is tons more out there to discover, but these things are all worth a look.