I had the very lovely experience of being interviewed by Bloomberg television’s MUSE, at Slideluck Potshow NYC. Of course once I watched it air, like most people would, I crawled under my pillow while my boyfriend laughed at me. There is something so strange about watching yourself & listening to your own voice. It really does seem like “my god who is THAT person!” And much to my dismay, apparently I got the name wrong of SLPS. Let’s be honest, I had already downed 2 vodka and cranberries by the time I was interviewed and I was a little nervous. Thank heavens the production team from Bloomberg were the nicest people on earth. So, when I happened upon my face frozen in mid-sentence on Heather Morton’s Blog, I figured, go with it. At least you can all laugh along at me. But you can also see what Slideluck is all about. They have one next week in Toronto, if you have not submitted, I say go for it. And, like me bake some brownies, buy a six pack and settle in for a night of fun. I find as soon as I start to take myself too seriously, it’s all downhill. It makes much more sense to try and laugh at your own insanity.