I know I have chattered on before about contests and have suggested that it is kind of gross for photography organizations to support themselves off the desperation of those struggling to get somewhere. But then there are those people who are the exact opposite. Case in point, The Humble Arts Foundation. They have an open submission policy for their group show, there is no cost to submit or to be in the show. When they had their recent 31 under 31 Women Photographers show, they found sponsors, so the artists only needed to provide prints. Which were for sale and they shared the profits. When Amy Elkins asked them for a list of women to contact for WIP, instead they came back with an offer to sponsor our project. HA also gives several $1000 grants a year. Now they do not have some big endowment or multi-millionaire parents, just a commitment to support emerging fine-art photography. One of the ways they pay for the grant program is through the sale of limited editions. They asked me a while back and I am now very excited to have one of my prints available.

So I know we as photographers tend to have NO disposable income, but this is a great way to give back to each other. And there are some amazing artists still available: William Lambson, Dina Kantor, Hannah Whitaker, Corey Arnold, Rachel Dunville, Ofer Wolberger, and many others! So call your Grandma, or your x-boss, or your cousin who works in finance, these prints are a great way to get started collecting photography. The prices are very reasonable, the editions are limited to 10, and you are helping a great cause. And let’s be honest, I need cash for my 4×5 film!!! If you need further proof, rising art star Amy Stein’s prints now sell for like 10 times the prince of her Humble edition.