Blog Hiatus

Wow, I just realized I have not posted in almost two weeks. Between shooting, post-production, having the stomach flu, a trip to the ER with my boyfriend and now putting the finishing touches on my book project I have been unable to get to blogging. I will have lots of stuff to write about soon, but I am going to have to attend to my photography for a bit longer. I hope everyone will bare with me. A few bits and pieces. If you have a chance check out the Humble Arts 31 under 31 at the 3rd Ward. I am really excited to see women photographers doing so well and the show has a lot of interesting work. Also, I will be speaking there on the 22nd of this month on a panel hosted by HA with some really talented ladies on women in art photography. More to come soon. If you have a chance, my friend Joshua Lutz has a show up at my Alma Mater, SLC, which is definitely worth the trip. He recently moved to Clamp Art and has a book coming out.

I will dig myself out soon and be back to GG.

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