Well I am now shooting every weekend on my next project, so my time is a little more limited for blogging. I spent all day Sunday doing this really detailed post, only to have the entire thing evaporate. A good lesson on backing up your work.

If you have a chance there is new blog which features the work of photographers, all of whom were new discoveries for me. The blog so far seems to be showing more conceptual work, but I was very impressed with a lot of it. Take a peek for yourself at: http://www.onebyfourbynine.net/

Jorg Colberg aka Conscientious is now offering his photo services for portfolio reviews. Now matter how long you have been shooting it is always good to get editing help. I find that the more I look at my own work the more complicated it feels to me. For details click on the above link.

And a very fun new challenge from I Heart Photograph.

i heart photograph is excited to announce its latest exhibition…and you are all invited to participate in this open call for work. february 22, 2008 is the deadline for submissions. get all the details and submit your work at: aphotographofnewjersey.com to get you thinking: “are ideas about place dramatically different since the internet has allowed us to participate in culture on such a global scale? despite the endless stream of information and images available through mass media, are there limits to how we perceive, imagine, and understand the world? exactly how do you picture new jersey? what would you say about it in a photograph?” responses will be included in the exhibition “is it possible to make a photograph of new jersey regardless of where you are in the world?” curated by i heart photograph for the municipally supported non-profit pierro gallery and made possible by funds from new jersey state council of the arts, a partner agency of the national endowment of the arts.

full details here.

For me when I think Jersey, I think Frank Sinatra, Ikea, fast food, and suburbs. But Jersey has quite a diversity of landscapes, so I imagine there are a lot of possibilites.

And last but not least, I am very excited to have “The Cosmetic Project” shown in my hometown of Detroit this week as part of the Slideluck Potshow. If you are in that part of the world, it should be a great event. I just discovered the Potshow, it provides an opportunity for people to get together and show work. Check out their website for more upcoming shows and cities.

Slideluck Potshow Detroit

Thursday January 30th 7pm

The CAID Ladybug Gallery & Studios

1250 Hubbard


And I promise I will try to put my lost post back together and get it up soon.