I have been a bit busy at my $$ job this week, so tonight was the first night I had to catch up on the Blogoshpere, only to discover I missed some good openings this week. To be honest, I rarely go, I am not an art world luminary and I can never actually see the pictures. The last opening I went to at Yossi Milo, someone dropped their red wine on one of the pics. But sometimes it is fun to go and run into people you want to catch up with. Also I wanted to put a link to a great New Years post by the Jackanory. Mr. Hetherington seems to have parlayed his blog into to an offer for a ‘real job,’ which has sparked his commitment to his photo career. I am a regular reader of his blog, and enjoy the little tidbits and thoughts he offers, and it is very polished, I am not surprised someone offered him a desk job doing it. The funny thing is, photography is supposed to be a purely visual form. But I find writing to be a big part of my process. Perhaps not art criticism, but writing here on Ground Glass pushes me to think about the medium of photography and art in general in a different way. For me, blogging is really more about community. I loved crit classes, being in a room full of people who were all working on projects. It was great to have people to discuss my work and photography with and it spurred me to work harder. One of the nice things about my day job, is that I spend time all day with really smart people who love (and know) about photography. And reading blogs and see what other photographers are thinking, reading, looking at, or showing is very helpful. So I am glad to here Andrew is not going away, but I totally understand how he feels the pressures of time wearing him down. Someone told me to have a successful blog you had to write every day or other day to boost your readership. I prefer to write when I feel that I have something I want or need to say. I hope those of you who read find that to be enough. Thanks for reading!

Also, those of you in NY, Peer Gallery is now featuring the work of Christopher Rauschenberg, Rephotographing Atget. I am intrested to see it, my first thought is that it is not such a good idea, but I am willing to go for a look. So many people already copy him, or copy those who copied him.