I found this tidbit, and it really made me think. Do we turn to our computers because they won’t judge us, or have we just shifted to a society of instant information. Something to consider for the new year. I would say, many of the photographers I know have their most successful relationships with their cameras.

You people trust Google more than your own family

As you gather with those you love to celebrate the New Year this evening and a cloying nostalgia grips you in the gut, consider this: You don’t really give a shit what any of these people think about anything anyway. At least not according to the latest findings from Pew Internet researchers. 58 percent of you, they say, go to the Internet for answers on your toughest questions. Only 45 percent seek out friends and family members. So tonight, as the clock strikes midnight and you suddenly see that all those around you shall pass and fade with time, just remember: You weren’t really that close anyway.


I would say we have lost our fear of the “machine.”