There seems to be a lot more blending these days between fashion & art photography. While looking for a recommended essay by Charlotte Cotton I came across both her book, Imperfect Beauty: The Making of Contemporary Fashion Photographs, (which I will be looking for it at the Strand) and a fashion website in London run by successful fashion photog Nick Knight. The site is an interesting mix of behind the scenes, info and publicity. I like looking at fashion photography sometimes, there is something about the high production and fantasy that is compelling. It is sort of like potato chips, or ice cream, you know maybe its not too good for you but sometimes you can’t help but indulge. The quality of technical ability of many of the shooters fascinates me. From a purely aesthetic view the images are captivating. In a way there is something satisfying about the simplicity of the image, in the sense that they are resolved. They are created to be beautiful, shocking or fabulous, and to get noticed. There are some great quicktime’s on SHOWStudio where you can watch the shoots taking place and hear the creative’s discussing the project. Some of it is sort well, not to my taste, but parts are really interesting. I love watching other photographers work. To me there is something magical about the entire photography process. I was looking over APE’s very worthy photo book list, and kudos to him for his X-mas revelation, and it made me think how as important these core photo/art sources are, it is also really important to be looking elsewhere. I read a lot of fiction, and I have been a huge movie person my whole life. I don’t think my photo’s would look like they do if I had not been obsessed with film noir and 1940’s b&w films as a child. So one of my News Years Resolutions is too keep expanding and opening myself to find other sources of inspiration.