Just wanted to say congrats to the Jackanory aka Andrew Hetherington. I see from his blog that his book, Room with a View has launched. Having been lucky enough to get a peek before it came out I am happy to see it in print. If you have a chance, take a look. It gives a very interesting look into the oh so glamorous world of the life of a editorial photog.

Also, from Flak Photo a new contest designed to shed some light on the film vs digital debate. Check it out here.

And as very smart and thoughtful site – courtesy of Speak See & Remember from LA County Museum of Art Photography curator Charlotte Cotton, Words Without Pictures. The current essay is a very deep look at the nature of photography as art & the work of Thomas Demand. I gave it a quick read and was intrigued, its heady and needs some time. Also, looks like Ms. Cotton is having some great events out there, past speakers have included, Penelople Umbrico, Sze Tsung Leong & Liz Deschenes.

… I just read the ABOUT US section at Words Without Pictures and looks like it is an online collective including some people I know! Not sure how I missed it, but I will be reading up.

WORDS WITHOUT PICTURES is purposefully multi-voiced and multi-layered [2]. It includes essays [3], discussion forums [4], debates [5], one-to-one conversations [6], and questionnaires [7]. Words Without Pictures is using this range of formats to gauge a broad range of opinions about photography before they become received wisdom. We offer the ideas that begin this year-long process fully aware that subsequent discussions on this site will determine the directions the project will take. Words Without Pictures invites you to contribute your perspective on the directional shifts in photography and help us define their meaning [8].

This website is where you can read the current essay, download a PDF and podcast, and join the discussion forum. The website is also where you can contact us to suggest additions to any of the formats of Words Without Pictures and download previous essays of this year-long project. If you register and join the discussion forums, you will be asked to agree that your contributions to Words Without Pictures may be considered for the project’s publication.

More soon… I am almost moved in!