I came across this ‘behind the scenes’ video of a Kate Moss photo shoot, and I realized how much it had in common with every video I have seen of a fashion shoot. The quick cuts, good soundtrack and fab lighting makes modeling seem like the most glamorous job in the world. Of course it is all an illusion, but a very pervasive one. Kate Moss, after being filmed snorting coke with her boyfriend has gone on to having an even bigger career. Designing clothes that sell at Barneys New York & now a haircare line. She is and continues to be a female role model. And an encouragement for young girls to starve in order to be beautiful and fabulous. It is an interesting thing to consider when you are involved in creating media images. Yes, there is a certain fun to these things, but they are not the reality of the fashion industry. Models do get invited into the upper echelon of celebrity, and there are many perks for them. But it is also a complex and sometimes damaging industry. I like to find one photographer who finds photo shoots to be this easy.


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