I came across a trailer for a new documentary about the American corn industry, King Corn. I am not sure how I missed it at Cinema Village in October, but I am hoping it will come back to NYC, or I will have to rent it. I have been telling people for years about the American corn conspiracy only to receive blank stares. I am glad to see that someone it finally addressing this issue. Plus the movie looks irreverent and well shot. I will keep an eye out for it. Go here to see the trailer.

I also stumbled on to an even more disturbing trend in American marketing. The NY Times has a wedding marketplace section. There I found the new ‘wedding video’ ideas. They had choices of super 8, 16mm & 35mm. What is astounding is how adept they are at capturing and creating the female wedding fantasy. There is something so storybook about them, that even if you are jaded about the wedding thing you find yourself getting sucked in. It is truly frightening. I worked a bit in the wedding industry before I came to photography and I never saw anything at weddings remotely like these videos. I understand why people are spending so much money these days. After seeing this propaganda, they must feel enormous pressure to have this perfect, life changing, romantic dream wedding. I photographed one of NYC’s most popular wedding dress stores, and the amount of money that goes in to creating these fantasies is pretty incredible. This store really does create a Disney princess experience. Unfortunately my polaroid back malfunctioned and I only had a few images make it. There are so many parts of our modern day life that are now being dictated by these giant marketplaces. The thing that is most depressing to me, is that this level of production leaves no room for actual emotion or record of genuine experience. Things that are in increasing short supply in our culture.

NY Times Wedding Video – The Book of Love

The Princess Bride

Cara Phillips - The Princess Bride