Blogs based art shows??  I just read on ArtCal about the third of these new and rather interesting developments in the cyberspace meets real world collaborations.  I heart photograph & Conscientious have both evolved from online curating to the real world shows, and it seems that now that blogging by artist’s is an art:

Excerpt from Bill Gusky’s article (Artblog Comments)

A number of artists have entered the blog arena, writing about art and the art world as they participate in it through their visual work. There have always been artists who write about art, and at times their writing has been highly influential; Donald Judd is one name that leaps to mind. As a new art narrative emerges, writers of all stripes – critics, historians, curators and even art bloggers — will play a large part in shaping, interpreting and defining it.

This exhibition focuses on the work of artists who are active art blog writers. The work you see here emerged in the studio in near-simultaneity with the artist’s written expressions. These twin efforts – art making and blog writing — sometimes appear to flow together and intertwine beautifully, and at other times almost seem to be in diametric opposition.

Personally I find blogging a great way, post art school, to keep myself researching and looking at other artists work.  But more than anything, I think blogging creates community and the flow of information.  It is not easy to keep up with everything happening out there, and I am starting to rely on some of my online cohorts to disseminate the art & photo worlds for me.  But blogging as an art, that I have to think about. 

The Blogger Show

Agni Gallery
East Village / Lower East Side

170 East 2nd street, 917-683-0643
November 3, 2007 – January 12, 2008
Opening: Saturday, November 3, 6 – 8PM