Smarmy, too clever for his own good, overly ‘meta’, or genius, Tim Davis, makes me hate him. Hate him for being smarter than everyone else! I read about Tim’s new body of work, My Audience on Ofer Wolberger’s blog, Horses Think. As an artist starting out, I am currently working very hard putting together my first book prospectus. For someone in my shoes, having a book published of my work is a dream come true scenario. So you can only imagine my reaction to Tim’s photos of his audiences on his book tour promoting My Life in Politics. But that is exactly why the pictures are so good. The world is suddenly flooded with very talented artists, all you have to do is go to i heart photograph or flak photo, to see the overwhelming quantity of great, good, decent and not so great work out there. It is a little daunting if I allow myself to think about it. And then here is Tim, who is super successful, has everything most photogs are aiming for, showing us what it feels like once you get there. And the meager, bored audiences pack quite a punch. Of course, I am sure there were audiences that were engaged and into the book. The pictures are definitely a statement on the current photo & art market. It certainly helped me remember to be patient and to focus on the things I love about my work – the other stuff hopefully comes when its the right moment. It’s always better to get success when you are no longer dependent on the praise of others, or sensitive to the rejection of the peanut galley. I am not a big fan of work about ‘art’ but Tim is the rare exception who manages to get it right.