Well, today I realized that perhaps I have been working too hard. The last few months have been a whirlwind of trying to get my photo career off the ground and trying to figure out how to make money in the interim. Today I was supposed to leave for my first vacation in 2 years. A short break in Miami to hopefully get some much needed R&R. When we arrived at the airport this morning at 8:30, we discovered that our reservation was for YESTERDAY. Spirit Airlines informed us they had cancelled the whole ticket, and we would have to pay another $600 if we wanted to go to Miami today. Now, if you were the person who made your reservation on the wrong date – imagine how you would feel. Plus, I just dropped a considerable amount of money shooting last week in DC. Rather than screaming, I managed to appeal to the ticket agent and thanks to the help of a kind JetBlue employee, we will be on our way – 5+ hours later….

Spending my entire day at an airport made me think about space. I believe spaces have personalities and that they have an emotional effect on us. The airport is a 3rd space. It is not a destination, or a place anyone wants to spend time. It is temporal glitch, a waiting station as you move to & from other places. How strange it must be to work at an airport. To spend your days stationary, while everyone else is on their way to places that must seem more exciting, when you are standing under fluorescent lights. But the longer I have been here, the more I realize that the airport is a thriving community. It does have people who populate it every day. Normally we just pass by them on our way somewhere else, oblivious to their world.



Some airports have art exhibitions. I came across the work of PA based photographer currently having an exhibit at Philadelphia International. I like this image from her website, and considering the array of food available here, this seems like something all airports should display, next to Cinnabon & Dunkin Donuts.


At least I am heading to Miami with a new Body Shop lip balm, and a pair of Brookstone travel socks.