I just came across an interview on a blog with Lisa Kereszi. I worked at her lab for a while and I was always impressed not only with her extraordinary images, but with her hardworking attitude free style. I respect her as a person as much as her work, something I cannot say, unfortunately, for all of the successful artists I have meet.

For the interview with Kereszi go to: Cool Hunting


I also came across a body of portraits by a photographer named Jackie Nickerson, Steidl is about to release a book of her work documenting the life of nuns and inside the Catholic Church. I went to Catholic School for 2 years and Nickerson captures the strange and magical attraction of Catholic ritual. Her portraits are quiet, studied and beautiful. A very impressive body of work. I am excited to check out her show, which opened this week in New York at Jack Shaiman Gallery.

Nickerson’s bio for her first project, Farm, describes her as having a successful magazine career before heading to Africa for 2 & 1/2 years to document the life of African farm workers. It is nice to see people taking chances, and to see their sacrifices and commitment pay off. Not everyone gets out of an MFA program and gets a solo gallery show, I think there is something to be said for the kind of work that is produced by people with real world life experience.

Show Info:

Opening Reception: 18 October 2007, 6-8pm
11 October-10 November 2007
513 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011 map
tel. +1 212 645 1701

From Steidl:

Jackie Nickerson’s Faith is a compelling portrayal of a hidden world, the Catholic religious orders of Ireland. Her combination of gentle portraits and simple documentation of daily rituals and communal devotion suggest an austere existence grounded in optimism, strength and contentment.

The simplicity of Nickerson’s images invokes the muted and restrained palette of Fra Angelico, bringing an often beatific air to her tranquil subjects. Whilst never suggesting that she is able to divine or represent the veiled mysteries of faith, Nickerson does manage to honestly present a vocational life riven by clarity of purpose and personal courage.