I have to say, I am so excited by the response I have received by the blogging community. Before I launched my site I read i heart photograph, Brian Ulrich’s blog, and many others. I was always struck by how much great work was out there. To see my project now being embraced by them is really exciting. One of the reasons I wanted to have a blog, was to be a part of this new community. The art world can be a cold and unwelcoming place, so it is great to see how the internet has opened up new venue’s for artists to show their work. There are only so many galleries, publications and museums. When artists find ways to take control of their own fate, by creating new channels to get their work seen, I think the entire creative process in energized. So kudos to all you blogging trailblazers!


I think because of these blogs, work that does not fit the definition of “sell-able” art has a way to be discovered. For instance, it has been expressed to me, that you cannot get black & white work shown in Chelsea. The implication is that color photography has made black & white work obsolete, unless it is vintage work, galleries are not interested. I have recently fallen back in love with black & white, and I have been thinking this over. But there are a lot of artists working and showing in B&W. Some of my favorites include, Andrea Modica, Lynn Davis & Hiroshi Sugimoto, Sally Mann, Abelrado Morell, Nicholas Nixon, Adam Fuss, and An-My Lee. There is something to be said for what is removed in a B&W photograph. The lack of color, allows for a deeper expression of emotion, perhaps it is because we are used to this convention. But I often am deeply moved by the most simple compositions or moments, where as in color I find I need to overcome the gloss and distraction. One reason I have always loved Eggelston, is that I actually feel he takes black and white photographs, in color. Which I know seems counter-intuitive based on his saturated color palette, but emotionally his images hit you in a raw way like a black & white photograph does. I hope that artists can continue to make pictures in whatever form they think makes the strongest image.

Fun with B&W




Portrait of me by Jerry La Starza